The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a lovely and intelligent herding dog.  They are alert and have a tendency to only bark as needed, making them good watch dogs.  They behave well with children and other pets, and are wonderful companions.

Welsh Corgi




All puppies are sold at this time.

Puppies are available thru my sister-in-law (Sally Denning).

You may contact her at 319-931-7622.

Or contact me to be put on our waiting list.

Ruby’s  #1  Male


Sold to Shannon & Michael

Ruby’s  #5  Male


Sold to Duane & Kristin

Gypsy’s  #2  Male

$800    “Theo”

Sold to Kristi & Warren

Gypsy’s  #3 Male


Sold to Justin & Julie

Gypsy’s  #6  Female


Sold to Jason