The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a lovely and intelligent herding dog.  They are alert and have a tendency to only bark as needed, making them good watch dogs.  They behave well with children and other pets, and are wonderful companions.

Welsh Corgi



Stella’s  #1  Male


Sold to Lauren

Stella’s  #2  Male

$800      “Gibbs”

Sold to Rachel

Stella’s  #3  Female


Sold to Shawna

Stella’s  #4  Female


Sold to Kaylena

Stella’s  #5  Female

$800        “Choupi”

Sold to Angela


All puppies are sold at this time.

Please check back again for up coming litters.

Annie’s  #1  Male


Sold to Kenny

Annie’s  #2  Female

$800    “Gemma”

Sold to Blair

Annie’s  #3  Female


Sold to Jack