Our Teddybears are a unique crossbreed of a Shih-Tzu and a Bishon Frise.  They are usually small, fluffy dogs with a cute teddybear face.  Average adult size is about 12 pounds. Teddybears are intelligent and sweet dogs that do not bark much.




NEW ARRIVALS!!             Born 8-19-16

Phoebe has 6 puppies ..... 2 boys & 4 girls.

Pictures will be posted after Labor Day.

Ready for new homes mid October.

All deposits will be honored first.


Ready for new homes mid Sept.

Click on puppy for additional pictures

Bea’s #1  Female

Sold to Julie

Pepper’s  #1  Male


Sold to Bridget

Pepper’s  #2  Male


Sold to Susan

Pepper’s  #3  Male


Sold to Cody & Lindsey

Pepper’s  #4  Female


Sold to Michele

Pepper’s  #5  Female


Sold to Bonnie