Our Teddybears are a unique crossbreed of a Shih-Tzu and a Bishon Frise.  They are usually small, fluffy dogs with a cute teddybear face.  Average adult size is about 12 pounds. Teddybears are intelligent and sweet dogs that do not bark much.





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Angel’s  #1  Male

Sold to the Ceynar Family

Angel’s  #2  Female


Sold to Linda

Penny’s  #1  Male

Sold to Justine

Penny’s  #2  Female


Sold to Kris

Penny’s  #3  Female

Sold to Deb

Last puppy available!!!         Born 9-16-16

Ready for his new home mid November.

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Gracie’s  #1  Male

Sold to Lindsey

Gracie’s  #2  Male

Sold to the Fuller Family

Gracie’s  #3  Male


Gracie’s  #4  Male

Sold to the Kooba Family

Gracie’s  #5  Male

Sold to Heather

Gracie’s  #6  Female


Sold to Dru

Gracie’s  #7  Female


Sold to Courtney

Gracie’s  #8  Female


Sold to Alexis